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When nothing but the very best will do, look no further.  gosuntosun offers the very best in modular, portable dance floors.  Unlike the cheap plastic snap together floors offered by most rental companies, gosuntosun offers the very best portable cam lock dance floors available.

Your guests will feel the quality and stability of these exceptional floors and the good news is we make them affordable!  These floors are exactly what you need to keep them dancing all night long!

Dance Floor Rental
Size Recommendations

When planning an event, determining the size of your dance floor is important.  One one hand, you want there to be enough room for everyone who wants to dance.  However, on the other hand, you don't want the dance floor to look empty.  A good rule of thumb for determining the dance floor size is to anticipate that 33% of the total number of guests will be on the dance floor at any given time.

The size recommendations listed below are for guidance in selecting a floor size for your event.  Participation will vary from event to event and other factors may need to be considered, such as space available, age and age of quests. 

Total # of Guests
Total # of Dancers
Floor Size
14 -16
9' x 9'
30 - 35
12' x 12'
45 - 50
15' x 15'
60 - 70
18' x 18'
gosuntosun offers Cam Locking professional dance floors.  These premium floors provide stability and  functionality in a compact, easy to set up floor.
Total # of Guests
Total # of Dancers
Floor Size
16 - 20
9' x 12'
30 - 40
12' x 15'
50 - 60
15' x 18'
Square Floor Options
Rectangle Floor Options